Tree protection Geldrop
Tree protection Geldrop

Municipality Geldrop — A green and vibrant city center

Tailor-made tree protection

The municipality of Geldrop has redesigned its city center. CM3 was asked to develop a solution to protect the trees from damage caused by collisions and bicycle parking. Starting point for the design was to find a solution that would interact with the existing urban design elements.

  • Client

    Gemeente Geldrop

  • Design / construction

    CM3 custom-made

  • Location

    Geldrop, The Netherlands

  • Year


Geldrop boombescherming 002

Robust modern look

The tree protection is custom-made on existing grids of corten steel. The combination of these materials creates an architectural look and a friendly appearance.

This model was designed in line with existing bicycle support stands and created in partnership with the design team of the municipality of Geldrop.

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