About Us

About CM3 custom-made

CM3 custom-made will create a unique and distinctive design for your organization, school or municipality. As a design and engineering studio, we specialize in custom-made projects in the field of architecture and public space design. The identity of your organization is the central point at all times. Your idea (rough sketch) will be translated into a functional and aesthetic end result with attention to the environment, form, material, color and detail.


It is our mission at CM3 custom-made to translate your organization's unique, authentic DNA and to bring it to life. In this we connect aesthetics and technology; we love the challenge to make the impossible happen.


In our opinion, public space should have a high degree of attractiveness so that users enjoy staying there. At the same time the outdoor public space should be functional, practical and user friendly. CM3 custom-made operates within this bandwidth, from the perspectives of the users’ experience, the purpose and the context of the environment. That is why we create robust, hard-wearing and good-looking public facilities that are able to endure, while also paying attention to subtle alignments and details. Thus creating enjoyable functionality and experience for everyone.

About Ruud van Eggelen

CM3 custom-made B.V. was founded by Ruud van Eggelen in 2011. Van Eggelen (1963) studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. After graduating he worked as (industrial) designer for Studio Tognini, Inter Design and Samson Urban Elements. In 2011, inspired by the independence of entrepreneurship, he started his own design and engineering studio CM3 Custom-made in Kerkdriel. Ruud is dedicated to designing and realizing aesthetic solutions for the public space. Always in consultation with the client and within the specified conditions and the set budget. From park entrance signs to XL picnic table and smoking area.


CM3 custom-made B.V. aims to make designs that reflect the soul of a place. It is our belief that every city, village or neighborhood should be proud of its identity and should exude that. Therefore we put great value on the specific requirements that you, as our client, and other stakeholders have in relation to the functionality and aesthetics of the place. Ultimately, we bring together our qualities in a powerful design with a natural uniqueness.


A good design does not only require vision, creativity and imagination. Materials science, cost efficiency and production techniques are also key factors. We gladly think along with you to find the right solution to your aesthetic challenges. For example, we will advise you on material selection, construction and production possibilities. We will always strive for sustainable solutions, while keeping an eye on the budget. If required, we will organize the process, supervise the production and monitor the quality of the execution.


CM3 custom-made B.V. will look for optimal solutions in close dialogue with you, our client, in order to take your ideas to a higher level. With your requirements in mind, we pay a lot of attention to form, material, color and detail in the design. This is how we create lively public spaces that are both inspiring and inviting.