Station bench Assen
Station bench Assen

Municipality Assen — Station bench with collision protection

A bench designed for comfort and safety

The municipality of Assen asked CM3 to collaborate on the redevelopment of the public space near the train station. After re-evaluating the needs of its inhabitants and studying the movements of commuters, we came up with a bench that makes both commuters and inhabitants feel welcome.

The new train station is open and transparent and has an impressive triangular wooden roof construction that connects all sections of the station. Located underneath the building is a bicycle parking facility that can accommodate 2,500 bicycles. The new train station has been in operation since May 2018.

  • Client

    Gemeente Assen

  • Design

    Gemeente Assen / CM3

  • Construction

    BAM / CM3 custom-made

  • Location

    Assen, The Netherlands

  • Year


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Meeting point for inhabitants and commuters

Commissioned by the municipality of Assen, a special bench was designed. It not only provides seating for waiting passengers and passers-by, but also serves as collision protection for the station. The bench has been specially constructed to be able to withstand the impact of a passenger bus that has gone off course.

The bench is built from a large concrete element (anchored underground) and fitted with a covering of hardstone and hardwood seating: a unique way to combine safety and comfort.

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