Monumental train station benches
Monumental train station benches

Heijmans — Reconstruction of monumental train station benches

Reconstruction respectful of monumental character

CM3 was approached by its client Heijmans for the engineering and supply of wooden benches for the new lounge area at Eindhoven train station. Here, travelers can wait for their train quietly or have a cup of coffee. The station benches are based on the original and elegant seating units from the 1960s and offer a comfortable resting point during travel.

  • Client

    Bouwbedrijf Heijmans

  • Design


  • Construction

    CM3 custom-made

  • Location

    Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Year


Distinctive and familiar

Every day, about 60,000 passengers travel through Eindhoven central station. The monumental train station benches provide a familiar presence, being unmistakably recognized by anyone getting off the train on one of the platforms.

In collaboration with the wood supplier only high quality materials have been chosen so that these benches are future proof.

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