Station Driebergen
Station Driebergen

BAM-ProRail — Naturally fitting station benches

Naturally fitting benches for Driebergen-Zeist train station

The area surrounding Driebergen-Zeist train station has been completely renewed. ProRail has thoroughly redeveloped the station. The number of tracks has been increased from 3 to 4. The intercity trains now use the outer tracks so they no longer have to race past the waiting passengers on the platform.

One wide platform was built in the middle where only the local trains stop; the fast intercity trains simply overtake the slow trains on the new track. A new plaza has been created beneath the tracks: rushing travelers running across the tracks to catch their train are history.

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    CM3 custom-made

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    Driebergen-Zeist, The Netherlands

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Distinctive and effective outdoor furniture

The new station is required to be as energy-neutral as possible. The platform roofs will be fitted with solar panels. The trees around the station will possibly be relocated or will be compensated by planting new trees.

The furniture is composed of a nice mix of materials. The natural shapes, executed with a rough stone base combined with the warm and durable Cumaru hardwood and concrete, result in a beautiful end product.

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