Elephant trail
Elephant trail

Artis — Follow the elephant trail

The sensory world of elephants revealed

The Elephant Trail is an educational route around the elephant enclosure in Artis. It involves a total of five installations that allow zoo visitors to observe elephants and to reflect on their world. The installations reveal the sensory world of elephants; a world hidden from humans.

  • Client


  • Design

    Maarten van Kesteren

  • Construction

    CM3 custom-made

  • Location

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Year


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Experiencing the sensory world of elephants

As of recently, visitors to the Amsterdam zoo Artis are invited not only to visit the elephants, but to observe them with other senses than just the eyes. Two years ago, an educational route called The Elephant Trail was laid out around the elephant enclosure; the route consists of five installations designed by Maarten van Kesteren.

These brass instruments demonstrate the sensory world of elephants and allow visitors to experience this world. Visitors are invited to listen to the animals and discover what they mean by certain sounds. They can also experience sight, smell, temperature and touch. Taste, however, is the only sense that could not (yet) be realized.

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