Greater Eindhoven celebrates its 100-year anniversary
Greater Eindhoven celebrates its 100-year anniversary

Municipality Eindhoven — Insect hotels for livable neighborhoods

Reflecting on the past, the present and the future

In 2020 the project Greater Eindhoven celebrated the fact that the city of Eindhoven was united with its surrounding villages Gestel, Stratum, Woensel, Strijp and Tongelre into one municipality in 1920. In commemoration of this, five memorial trees (large-leaved limes) were planted in the neighborhoods. Close to each tree a BINKIE, BUGS Bee & Bee or a seating edge await you, which CM3 designed, engineered and delivered.

  • Client

    Gemeente Eindhoven

  • Design / construction

    CM3 custom-made

  • Location

    Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Year


For and by the people of Eindhoven

Sitting areas have been created so that people can reminisce about the past, present and future of Eindhoven. BINKIE is a bench of 2.5 meters long and it is made of solid oak with hot-dip galvanized straps. Seating elements in the same style are attached to a wall. Both designs incorporate the logo of 100 years of Greater Eindhoven.

Insect hotels have been located in several places. The large-leaved lime trees offer the wild bees a wonderful place to gather; hopefully, they will stabilize and be able to restore a healthy population. The BUGS Bee & Bee are respectively 1.8 and 2.1 meters high. The hotels also accommodate other insects such as butterflies, moths and ladybugs.

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